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The advanced consciousness of human beings is for understanding the deepest mysteries of existence.
Yet most people today don’t even have any practical understanding of the difference between spirit and matter. Spiritual knowledge is vague and inconclusive.
Although fashionable peddlers of popular spirituality claim we are spiritual beings, there is a huge gulf between chic notions of he spiritual self and clear-cut knowledge about it.
Centuries ago, the truth was imparted during a chance encounter between a wandering sage, Jaḍa Bharata, and a powerful ruler, Mahārāja Rahūgaṇa. In the course of a spirited discussion, Jaḍa Bharata expertly and lovingly transported Rahūgaṇa out of the desert of false prestige, and unscrupulous action.
To this day, anyone who acts according to the knowledge he imparted will prosper in full understanding and spiritual satisfaction. Jaḍa Bharata’s timeless wisdom is a blueprint for the perfect escape from material bondage through knowledge of the Supreme Ultimate Truth

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