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guru Mukh Padam Vakya Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and a prominent poet of Bhaktikal. He was a great saint of the 16th century. Who are considered to be the promoters of Achintya Bhedabhed. He propagated Bhakti Yoga through Hari Naam Sankirtan and brought it to the masses. Love and devotion were the main pillars of Lord Caitanya. It is said that the entire credit for the propagation of Bhagwat Bhakti in Bengal goes to Lord Chaitanya. The people of Vaishnava community consider Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as an incarnation of Lord Shri Krishna. It is said that Radha ji once told Lord Shri Krishna. Once you look as Radha, then you will understand our separation.Guru Mukh Padam Vakya


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