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Sri Krishna is all-rounded. His constant meditation leads to welfare of man and forgetting them is the evil of the creatures. Knowledge of the Gita given by Lord Shrikrishna, on the other hand, the tunes of flute, not only humans but also animal-birds became hypnotized. Though she is a black in colour, he is a beauty mate. This is why his second name Shyamsundar. He does mercy on the afflicted, but does not delay the oppression of the wicked. Shri Krishna is unbeatable, undefeated, pure, virtuous, loving, kind, determined, godly, philosopher, politician, astrologer, philanthropist, justified, forgiving, absolute, non-discriminating, yogi and ascetic. He comes to this earth as a human being and gives divine grace for the salvation of the world and his character is supernatural and is literary and venerable for the whole creature.

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