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Do you know who the real heroes are? Are they Batman, Superman, the X-men, or Disney stars? Have they given us happiness, love, hope and affection? Can they get rid of our sufferings? No, they can’t and they will not. They are nothing but marketing characters in this dark age of Kali. Adventures of India are the illustrated stories about the real heroes of the ancient India. In the series, you will learn how to be happy listening, singing, remembering, serving, praying or meditating on Krishna. Reading this book will inspire the young readers and young at heart readers to be internal with their spiritual nature, in a simple format story telling. In this volume Krishna fights Dhenukasura, Sankhasura, Mura, Dvivida, Bakasura and Vatsasura. Being proud, Lord Indra could not understand why the residents of Vrindavan were not worshipping him. He became furious and wanted to destroy all the place with a strong flood. The birthday of Lord Krishna. Meeting the spiritual teacher of Krishna and Balarama.

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