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: The activities of king Priyavrata, King Agnidhra and his sons, The Lord appears before king Nabhi, The activities of Rsabhadeva, Rsabha instructs his sons, Rsabhadeva’s disappearance, Activities of king Bharata, Bharata becomes a deer, Jada Bharata is protected by Kali, King Rahugana chstises Jada Bharata, The teachings of Jada Bharata, The forest of the material enjoyment, Explanation of the forest of enjoyment, The dynasty from Rsabha, Description of Jambhudvipa, Descent of the Ganga, Prayers to the Deities of the Varsas, Description of Bharata-varsa, Description of te other Dvipas, Motion of the Sun, Motion of the Sun and other planets, The form of the dolphin, Description of the lower planets, Glories of Ananta, Description of hell.

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