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Kunti, also known as Pritha, was Krishna’s maternal aunt, Vasudeva’s sister, Shuraraja’s daughter but adopted and brought up by Kuntibhoja. As she served Durvasa well, she got a boon from him – if she invoked a God upon chanting a mantra, she could receive anything she wanted from the God. Karna was born before she was married as a result of her testing the boon. Unable to face society, she set the baby afloat in a box. She got married to Pandu who came under a curse due to which he couldn’t father children. Kunti then made use of Durvasa’s boon and got three children. She then initiated Madri into the mantra and she got two children. Together they were the Pandavas. After Pandu’s death, she and the five children lived under Dhritarashtra’s care in Hastinapur. She gave good values to her children and instilled courage into them. With a heavy heart she revealed to Karna who he really was and begged him to change over to the Pandavas’ side. After the war was over, Dharmaraja came to know that Karna was actually his brother. He was furious with his mother for keeping this a secret and cursed the entire race of women. Kunti knew how Gandhari held the Pandavas responsible for the loss of all her children. Yet, she maintained her equanimity and made Gandhari and Dhritarastra forget their hatred for the Pandavas by serving them. Kunti retired to the forest and engaged herself in tapas. She thus came to be known for some great ideals though her treatment to Karna remains a big question mark

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