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The Golden Prince is Pyrrhus, teenage son of the Greek hero, Achilles, and his part in the siege of Troy and the making of the fabulous Trojan horse. When Achilles was killed in battle during the long siege of Troy, the troops would follow no other leader than his son. Pyrrhus’s part in this war is mentioned in Homer’s ODYSSEY and later Greek legends. The great walled city of Troy, and the story of the Trojan horse, have an ageless fascination for readers of all ages, but almost nothing has been written about Pyrrhus, although he existed, both in history and in legend, and he was more than just another warrior-king leading his troops in battle. Although the story is 4000 years old, every young adult will relate the Pyrrhus’s story, because it is their own story – the desire and need to be your own person. There are vivid backgrounds of Greek and Trojan life, and bloodthirsty, action-packed battle scenes, through which the young prince has to prove himself as a soldier, a leader and a King. Pyrrhus also has to fit his father’s sandals — the son of the world’s greatest hero has to be better than anyone else.

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